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Agua Chile Servicios Sanitarios

Investments of Serena Industrial Partners

Serena Industrial Partners invested in 2020 in partnership with Sacyr in a portfolio of water and sewage assets serving a population of c.150,000 inhabitants located in 2 regions of Chile: Metropolitan Region of Santiago and Antofagasta Region. The project generates c.200 direct jobs, and it it is positioned as the 7th company in water distribution in the country

Improving water quality

The main objective of the project is the management of the integral water cycle, improving water quality and facilitating access to this essential good which is safe drinking water to a greater number of people, with the consequences that this has on improving people's health, as well as the elimination through the treatment of wastewater of the impact that it would have on the environment and biodiversity if these waters were discharged untreated.

Furthermore, several initiatives have been launched in order to show how economic performance and impact on the environment and the society can be achieved together, such as the industrial water reuse in the desert in the Antofagasta region allowing to purify 29,000,000 m3 each year, and reuse 3,500,000 m3 each year.


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