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The Navarra Canal Phase I involves the development of all the necessary infrastructure to transport water from the Canal de Navarra (Navarra Region, Spain) to all the land plots served by the concession. The infrastructure includes intakes from the Canal de Navarra, pipelines, trails and pumping stations as well as electrical and control installations.

The concessionaire company of the Phase I

Aguacanal is the concessionaire company of the Phase I of the Navarra Canal, which serves 59 towns and more than 4,200 landowners benefit from it, which productive area adds up to 22,404 Ha of which 20,295 Ha were irrigable in 2021 and is progressively increasing year on year. The concession also involves the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure for a total contractual length of 30 years (expiring in September 2036).

Promoting the optimization of water use

The partner of Serena Industrial Partners (50%) in the project is Agbar (Suez Group), and the objective of Aguacanal is fully aligned with Serena Industrial Partners goals, promoting the optimization of water use and its consequent environmental impact, reducing energy consumption, and promoting inter-territorial cohesion through the economic boost of agricultural and agro-industrial activities in the region for the generation of equal opportunities in the rural world.


  • Enviromental


  • Spain


  • Closing: 2021


  • Suez