Our Action


Investment Criteria.

Development of infrastructure projects with a construction management component.

Three main sectors: mobility, environment, and social.

Responsible investment strategy implemented across the whole value chain.

Global coverage: Europe, North America, and Latam Investment Grade.

The value creation process.

Industrial know-how

Understanding the complexity of the projects we develop to be able to provide the appropriated solutions considering a holistic approach.

Long-term structuring horizon

The long-term character of infrastructure projects requires a strategy that appropriately reflects the variety of risks the projects might be exposed to over their life cycles.

Impact on all the stakeholders

Creating sustainable value to all the stakeholders by identifying potential value creation opportunities from the earliest stages of the investment process.

Risk monitoring

Active management and implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to be able measure and react on time if there is any deviation on the performance of the objectives.

Areas of activity


Rail, Road and Urban Mobility.

Sustainable transport links bring people closer together and support economic growth improving people´s quality of life while reducing CO2 emissions.


Waste, Water and Decarbonisation.

Progress protecting our environment is essential, providing access to safe drinking water, efficient sanitation and waste management systems or more environmental sources of energy is key.


Health, Education and Telecom.

Need to support human capital development and quality of life by providing high-standard health and education facilities available to the whole population.

Our Portfolio

Latest Porjects


Smartconta provides water metering services to c.1 million people in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

Agua Chile Servicios Sanitarios

Management of the integral water cycle in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago and Antofagasta region.

Aguas de Navarra

Navarra Canal First Phase Extension, irrigates the ARGA and EGA areas.


Pipelines, trails and pumping stations as well as electrical and control installations.