About Us

We are an independent investment manager focused on infrastructure development with a pioneering industrial approach.

Our purpose is to be the best partner in the development of comprehensive solutions for developing robust projects and deliver a resilient and sustainable investment strategy.

Value Proposition

Partnering for developing greenfield and yellowfield infrastructure projects within three main sectors: mobility, environmental and social.

Long-term vision to generate sustainable value

Adding value to our investors, our industrial partners,
and the society.

We manage construction development risk: Industrial know-how

De-risking greenfield / yellowfield projects through an exhaustive industrial/technical approach led by a team with €130bn of cumulative asset experience across the whole value chain.

Global Coverage with local teams

Best partners for each project and on-the-ground knowledge to deliver robust high-quality projects across a diversified OECD/Investment Grade investment strategy.

Impact investment strategy implemented across the whole value chain

To make progress towards climate change adaptation and mitigation, improve society’s quality of life, and promote economic and social cohesion.

Our Team

Highly experienced team in the industry.

Experience across all phases:
bidding, financing, developing,
operating and divesting.

We have a top-level investment team with extensive experience in the industry and a solid track record in all elements of a project’s value chain, on both the industrial and investment side of the business.

Team of 8 professionals supported by 4 operating partners and 2 senior advisors.

Extensive and successful track-record in the target sectors and geographies of Serena.

Aggregated track record of €130Bn in 280 projects.